8 fighters, 7 fights, 1 survivor

no rounds


no mercy

Welcome to the deadliest and most exclusive mixed martial arts tournament in the world.
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about the tournament

Z Tournament is a movie about an underground mixed martial arts (MMA) competition, organised by a powerful organization in multiple locations around the world. The tournament arranges fights among the toughest fighters in the world. These fighters are selected from different arenas around the world, where they must win several fights before being awarded the honor to compete in the Z Tournament. The fights can be watched on a streaming platform to all of our members worldwide. Member can bet on the outcome of the fights based on stats of each fighters on our highly secure gambling system.

Once a year, the winners of all these individual fights compete in a single-night tournament called the Z Tournament. While the preliminary fights do follow the rules of the unified rules of MMA govern, The Z tournament is a special event where there are no rules, no rounds and the fighters can make use of any technique, even deadly force, to win the duel. The winner of the tournament would be crowned the champion and granted whatever wish they have. Since our members are part of the most powerful people in the world, any wish a fighter might have can be easily fullfilled by our organization.

This year the Z Tournament will take place in Malmö. Sweden. There, eight fighters will gather in a most exclusive and deadliest combat event of the year.

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This film is being made by fans of martial arts, anime and actions movies. We are very passionated about making it and we want you to be a part of this journey with us. Follow us on facebook @ztournament and instagram @ztournamentfilm to see how we make this dream come true. Sign up to stay up to date about the tournament.